Remote/Work From Home

Welcome to the world of “Working Remote”. Here we will layout 3 steps to get you on the way!

In a nutshell, you’ll need to set up the “Office Computer” to accept remote sessions – That’s “Step 1”. Then you’ll create a “User Account” (via an invitation we would send you) as “Step 2”. Finally, you will install some apps on the machines you will use (like your home computer or iPad, etc) to get to your office machine in “Step 3”

If you don’t have an invite, or need to talk to us about setting up your organization for remote access for your team, email us at

Step 1:

INSTALL on the Machine to access remote – ie: your Office Desktop. This ONLY needs to be installed on the “Office” computer – this is the computer you will be connecting TO remotely.

When prompted during the installation, Use the 12 digit Code sent to you for activation/authorization. If you did not receive a code, or need to setup an account with us to use this, email

Now, Click on the link for your OFFICE computer type below – Windows or Mac, and run the installer once it has downloaded.



Click/expand the details below for more information:

Step 1a – Download the installer and run it

Pick your Office Computer installation file for Windows or Mac – example below is Windows

Once you have saved the installer package, run it and have your 12-digit activation code ready

Step 1b – Activate the application

Once the installation completes, you will see the activation/setup screen from the app. This is where you will enter your 12-digit activation code (again, if you don’t have one, email us at

Once you enter the Activation/Access code, your application window will look similar to this:

You can now close the window, the application will remain in the background, and you may see a notice pop up telling you that too like below, don’t worry if you don’t see one though

Step 1c – Change Settings and get Computer Name

We’ll need to change the “Sleep” setting on your computer to “Never” sleep so that you can access it at any time, otherwise, it may go offline and you would lose access to it, so get into your computer’s “Control Panel” or “Settings” and search for “Sleep”

Set the System/Computer setting on it to “Never” – you can leave/change the “Display” one to whatever you want, it’s not critical like the other setting is

Next, we will need to find out the “name” of the computer and will need to remember it to access it later in the process – once we have your user AND computer in the systems, we can change settings to only show YOUR computer if you wish.

Back in “Control Panel” or “Settings” search for “computer name” and select that option (Mac Users it’s a little different, but easy to find as well).

Look for the section with “Device” in it and there will be your “Computer name” to remember.

Step 2:

Look in email (check junk/spam folders) for the Invitation from Splashtop or MidState Cyber – and follow the directions there.

IMPORTANT – If you do not have an invitation, please email us at and we can resend it, or set an account up for you/your organization and send invites to you and your team.

Click/expand the details below for more information:

Step 2a – Locate the Invitation email, and create your user account

Your invitation email will contain a link to click on to “activate” your USER account, so you can install the app(s) needed on your devices to access your office computer(s).

Keep this email open where you can see it and come back to it for “Step 3”

That invite email is similar to this:

Now, click on the link in the email that says “Accept the invitation from your administrator”. It will open a browser tab/window and you will start to create your user account from the invite. like this

At this screen, enter your Full name, your email should be pre-populated from your invite, enter a password and confirm it, check the “I’m not a robot” box, and the checkbox to “I agree” to the terms, then click the “Create” button

Step 2b – Enable and activate 2-step verification for user access

Once you have created your user account for remote application access, you will be prompted to “Enable Two-Step Verification” using any MFA/2FA application like this:

Click the “Get Started” button and you will now see a prompt/information screen on some of the typical “MFA/2FA Authenticator” apps to generate the codes needed. Clicking on the links in the description will take you to information pages about each app and how to install it if you do not have one. If you do, simply click “Next” to begin the process:

You will then see a “QR Code” and a long string of text to use in your “Authenticator App” – scan the QR code in the Authenticator App, or enter the long string of text to create the Code needed

Once you scan/enter the code into your Authenticator App, it will then give you a 6-digit code to use in the next step, click “next” here to enter that code:

Now click “Check” to have it validate the code, and then click “Next” to go on

You will now be given a screen with “Backup Recovery Codes” in case the Authenticator App is ever lost/deleted, using these codes you can gain access and reset to recover. Copy/Print these codes and click the checkbox that you did it. You will also be asked to enter your mobile phone number as a verification backup:

Click OK and you will then see the success message that all is completed for user setup

Your browser window will now show your user account and you can change a few things here like TimeZone if you wish, the rest is not needed to use the system to access your office computer, so you can ignore it.

Feel free to close out this window/tab in your browser now

Step 3:

INSTALL the “Splashtop Business” App on your Devices you will use to GET to your remote desktop – ie: iPad, Laptop, Home computer, etc.

You will use THIS app to connect to your office computer remotely. You can install on as many device types as you want. So if you want to be able to use your iPad/Tablet, Laptop, etc – simply install the appropriate app on all those devices you have using the links.

Click/expand the details below for more information:

Step 3a – download and install the “Splashtop Business” App on your home computer and/or mobile devices

Go back to your invite email and we’ll install the application you need on your home computer and/or your other devices you will use to get into your office computer.

Look in the email at #2 (circled here) and click that link.

You will be taken to a web page with links to download/install the “Business” app – the name is a tad confusing, but this is the application you will run on your home computer or mobile devices to get INTO your office computer. Pick the one(s) you need from the links on the webpage (like this):

In this example, we will click the link to install the “Business Access” app on our HOME Windows 10 machine that we will use to get into the office computer.

So we’ll save the file, and then run it when it’s done downloading, we’ll be prompted to allow the installation

Once it completes, you’ll see the “OK”, and it will also (depending on your home computer settings) have installed a shortcut to the app on your desktop

Step 3b – Run the app on your home computer/device, and log in!

At this point, everything is installed and you should be able to run the app on your home computer or mobile devices and get to your office computer. So let’s run through that and show you what that looks like.

Launch/open the “Splashtop Business” app and log in (using your USER information we did above)

Once you log in, your app window will look similar to this, showing you the computer(s) you have access to at the office.

Double click on the one you want to access and a new window will open, and ask you to log in to your office computer similar to below

Once you enter your valid login credentials, you will see your office machine in a widow. There will be a “Toolbar” in the top portion of the window you can use to switch monitors (if you have more than 1 on your office machine), change some settings, etc

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now “working remotely”