Phishing Attacks are THE MOST exploited way to compromise you and your systems, people, processes, identity…. AND the most preventable…

Even as you increase your budget for sophisticated security software, your exposure to cybercrime keeps going up!

IT security seems to be a race between effective technology and clever attack methods. However, there’s an often overlooked security layer that can significantly reduce your organization’s attack surface: New-School Cyber Security Awareness Training.

The results of a recent Industry Benchmarking Report for Phishing clearly show where an average organization’s Phish-prone percentages started and where they ended after 12 months of regular testing and security awareness training. The study analyzed a data set that included nearly nine million users across 18,000 customers using our platform with over 20 million simulated phishing security tests across nineteen different industries.


The overall industry initial Phish-prone percentage benchmark turned out to be a troubling 30%. Fortunately, the data showed that this 30% can be brought down nearly half to just 15% in only 90 days by deploying new-school security awareness training. The 365-day results show that by following these best practices, the final Phish-prone percentage can be minimized to 2% on average.  

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