How we can help you –

Protect Your Business

Your business accumulates a large variety of sensitive information, like intellectual property, proprietary systems and processes, client and customer data, and trade secrets – all of which could result in significant losses if compromised. Systems, processes, procedures, hardware, and software all are attack vectors for those that want access to your data.

Protect Your People

Your people, your team are your 1st line of defense, and the easiest to compromise… Protect your people to protect your organization. “Bad actors” build profiles of your people to pretend to be them. Email addresses, online patterns, access passwords, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and social media activity are prime targets desired the most by hackers. We provide state-of-the-art Cyber Security Awareness training and ongoing Phishing training to make you and your people a much less attractive and easy mark.

Maintain Compliance and Regulation

Every industry is at risk of daily cyberattacks and must protect any and all data, resulting in extensive regulation and compliance requirements, such as GDPR, CCPA, and many others. We will help you to identify the requirements and create an effective strategy to address them.

Assess Your Security Risk

We assess your security posture from both internal AND external points of view. The results of the assessment are presented in an executive summary fashion that allows us to work with you to prioritize your biggest risks and the appropriate remediations and solutions to address those risks.

Identify and Address Threats

You need to be aggressively tracking and constantly eliminating cyber adversaries from your network. This involves identifying, predicting, detecting, and eliminating attackers on an ongoing basis, so you can minimize any damage and get back to “business as usual” much faster.

Implement Long-Term Defense

Cyber Security is not a “one and done” effort, it is a constantly moving target that requires attention and priority. You need continuous updating and ongoing improvement of your security efforts to avoid computer network security issues that affect your team and your customers. We will work with you on the best long-term strategy for you, your organization, and your people. It is extremely important to view Cyber Security as an investment and not a “quick fix”.

Address Your CIO/CISO Needs

We will complement your CIO/CISO to provide an even greater impact within those areas, or we can function as your outsourced CIO or CISO to provide guidance in developing C-level awareness and governance of security. This includes creating C-Suite visibility into the security of your networks and assets, creating metrics and parameters to identify real threats to security, and formulating strategies to maximize your defense and minimize the effect of any breach.